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Courier Market is a brand new platform which went live in May 2016. Our platform is available to self employed owner drivers, courier and haulage companies who are looking for courier work from their areas or even backloads which will help eliminate dead mileage. By Joining Courier Market your operation can run more efficiently, the platform will support owner drivers and businesses to reduce costs and increase margins, you can find courier work all over the UK and sub-contract work to another member who will have already been vetted prior to joining so you can rest assure that the member you are working with is fully covered. Courier Market has the tools at hand to reduce all that paperwork and have access to details of jobs by the click of a button. We aim to become the leading platform in the UK where you can get the most out of your subscription, but better yet we perceive our members as the ones who own the platform as we improve and tailor Courier Market around their feedback.

The crucial part of our growth is YOU,
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Courier Market can help Owner Driver find extra courier work out of their area
for their size van, Owner Driver will receive instant email notifications for
courier jobs that have been posted on the platform matching the van size
Owner Driver have registered on their account. Courier Market also has the
facility for owner driver to search for courier loads anywhere in the UK, so you
can potentially find backload courier jobs into or towards your home location
or just pick up another courier job for the day to keep the cash flowing in.

Courier and Haulage Companies / Freight Forwarders


Courier and Haulage companies can benefit from the Courier Market in a number of ways. Receive email notifications via email for courier work in their area, we can set this up for your fleet of vehicles so no matter the variation of sizes you have, we will set everything up for you.
By joining Courier Market you can potentially reduce your vehicles travelling back to your base with dead mileage, you will be able to search and receive notifications for courier work out of the area your van has cleared in via the app and there is no limit as to how many apps you can download for your fleet.
If you are running your fleet at full capacity but still have customers calling in with work, which you obviously do not want to turn down, look no further, you can sub-contract work on the platform to another member to carry out on your behalf. All members are fully vetted prior to the creation of an Account.

Some of the Courier Market Features:
Receive instant email notifications for work out of area.

Search for work anywhere in the UK.

Formal booking confirmations when booking jobs between members.

Enter and upload POD details upon completion of jobs.

Leave feedback on members and build a reputation for yourself.

Mobile app will be available in 2017.